This will be the last update of my Mallorca Scenery - because I cannot imagine that there are possible considerable enhancements. I began this Scenery with X-plane 6. Since then I made about thousand photos of buildings and facades here on this wonderful island for the objects. The technology of X-Plane often changed and I had to destroy the work of years. This last update combines the state of the art constructing buildings with the satellite photo terrain. Therefore "Mallorca 10.0" needs really an HD ortho photo terrain. I can say that this scenery synchronizes the own overlay with photo landscape. I tried plant objects on every from satellite visible building, roof etc. As far as this is possible. And I placed almost only authentic buildings. That means that more than 90 percent of the 3-D-builings exist on this island. In towns, villages, industrial estates and on airports. Logically libraries are not needed. I placed a few static vehicles, fabrics and planes from other authors.
Sure, "Mallorca 10.xx" runs without ortho terrain - but therefore it is not made. So first you have to download an install other files. And you should copy e few files into the downloaded stuff. With a little bit patience you will succeed and have great fun flying over this fantastic custom scenery. Custom objects cover nearly 400 square kilometers and of sure the airports.

The airport
has the taxiways, aprons, runways as every XP airport. But it has also:
· nearly all the authentic buildings of the "Airport Palma de Mallorca". Partly with photo-textures
· 32 active ramp starts out of a total of 126
· fully numbered ramp starts
· nearly authentic roads who join all ramp starts and parkings
· all taxiways have lines, signs on ground and on sign plates.
· custom ATC with taxi routes, custom airport flow with runway rules. Not both runways on LEPA - 06L/24R and 24L/06R have arrivals and departures for all types of aircrafts. 42L only for arrivals and 06R only for departures (south of this runways is a tourist area). 06L only for arrivals.

Pilots will see:
Extended ground traffic with busses, fire fuel, tank truck and the tourist train at the "Playa de Palma" The only working underpass of a taxiway for ground traffic and ground vehicles in XP. The only working underpass of a taxiway for ground traffic and ground vehicles in XP.· The main buildings of the airport standing on columns to drive under them. Spill lights on the airport with HD rendering. Spotlights will illuminate some buildings - also in Palma.

Palma de Mallorca and surroundings.
Here can you find:
· more than thousand custom buildings with photo facades: City residencies, row houses, modern villas, countless industrial factories; animated windmills, cranes, hotel fans...
· many unique authentic buildings and landmarks as
Palma Cathedral La Seu, Castillo de Bellver, GESA Building, Palacio de Congresos, Palma Aquarium, Banca March, Corte Ingles, Plaza de Toros, Ikea, Almudaina Palacio, Museo Es Baluard, ports with custon cruise ships and luxury yachts, the old signal tower; football stadium, harness racing track, Palma prison, hospitals Son Espaces and Son Llatzer, power station Son Reus, Ikea; Carrefour, MediaMarkt, Express, Mapfre-Central, Iberostar-Office a lot of hotels at the Playa de Palma and more and more...
· Al buildings are exactly placed on the photo terrain.
· Thehe Palma ports are crowded with boats, ships, vessels and big cruise ships.

A few important advices:
· This scenery is not a lightweight, but it is also not a frame eater. With a midrange machine you will enjoy the scenery at very high resolution. It becomes critical with HD rendering - but spill lightening only works with this feature.
· Definitely you should set "number of roads" to extreme.


Thanks to:

Planemaker - for his static planes
Antonio Menotti/pargentino - for buildings and testing
PilotBalu for his help
Daveduck - for his help with tunnels and underpass
X_Plane Freeware Project - for static objects
Andras Fabian and Albert Laubi for their help
Marc Leydecker/Belga12345 - for static objects
Birger Christiansen (Photos of yachts and cruise ships)

Also to:
JonathanHarris/Marginal. Without his fantastic tools X-Plane could not exist as it now is.
Maps2Xplane for his help. - And last but not least: Albert Ráfols for his incredible ortho terrain of Spain/Baleares and his permission to use it and change e few things. Permission of this data: IDEIB, Servei d'Informació Territorial de les Illes Balears.

And to all who now say: Why no thank to me? Yes I forgot some people or cannot find their names. Muchas Gracias!


· I have the copyright on all the things I made in this scenery. You can distribute parts of this scenery within your own work. Please name the author. Any commercial use is forbidden.
· I also require the copyright for architectural designs outside the use in X-Plane.
Copyright for UHD terrain is SpainUHD

If you have problems:
First of all: Controll your installation. If you did not follow exactly the description in "VERY IMPORTANT" you will have big troubble. Do not mistake the substitution of the files in the ortho terrain folders. X... belongs to X..., Y belongs to Y.... If you mishmash this you will get coast water on the airports and airport terrain in the poarts. Then you should begin again.

If you see strange behavior near the airport, then you should remove the whole folder "Global Airports" from "Custom Scenery". There lives a poor other LEPA airport. Should not make problems if "@Mallorca_10.xx" stands higher than "Global Airports".

Hotels at the Playa de Palma
Palma de Mallorca: old buildings near the kathedral.
Behind the hotels at the Playa de Palma some "normal" houses
Beach at the Playa de Palma with Pilari-Hotel in the bachground.
Under the terminals of the airport Palma de Mallorca
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